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BLE Centralised Testing System


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BLE’s Autoglow system provides the user with a sophisticated centralized panel to control, monitor and report on emergency lighting schemes. Reports can be obtained and retained via the system, highlighting failures or future potential failures to ensure maintenance personnel are able to plan the servicing of the lighting system more cost effectively. There are many benefits:

  • Provides the ability to control, monitor & report on emergency lighting scheme
  • Provides a self testing solution for all fittings, including BLE’s LED range of luminaires
  • Self test solution complementing all BLE emergency luminaires & twin spots
  • Useful information provided such as battery failure, tube failure & integrity of data cables
  • Data output can be provided to an optional hand held printer or direct to the panel
  • Highlights any luminaires approaching a potential failure in the near future
  • Reduces cost due to elimination of manpower resource to carry out testing

Perfect for large building complex such as hospitals, universities or multi-storey office blocks, the Autoglow control panel has been developed over many years to provide a simple method of configuring the required test regime of groups of luminaires throughout a site, with the option of having a hard copy printout of the test data. The data output can be collected from the panel or sent to an optional rechargeable hand held device.

The data provides documented evidence of the operating status of each emergency luminaire. In addition, it will also identify any luminaire that, although passing the preset criteria, is approaching a potential failure status in the near future.

The test data on failed luminaires provides useful information such as battery failure, charge failure, tube failure and integrity of data cables. The information can also be used as a proactive management tool by identifying luminaires that are approaching a failure status.

Key Features of the BLE Autoglow System:

  • Modern control panel controlling up to 800 luminaires
  • The system can be programmed to test selected areas
  • For larger sites panels can be networked together
  • The system utilises non-volatile memory software
  • Diagnostic reporting facility on luminaire status
  • Luminaires can be masked while the system is serviced
  • Choice of printer output options
  • Testing meets British and European standards
  • Test protocol can be tailored to individual site conditions
  • 10 year memory back up on system test data
  • Test duration aborted on failed luminaires
  • Option of testing a single luminaire or part system
  • Autoglow module fits most luminaires and twinspots
  • Retains test data for last 36 month periods tests
  • Test data can be downloaded to laptop computer
  • Address modules can be used with mains fittings
  • Dials on module adjustable from 00 - 99 settings
  • Visual indication of address setting number
  • No special address equipment required to address
  • Easy installation procedures on new systems
  • Fittings can be addressed in power off situation
  • Clear 40 character back-lit display


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BLE Self Test Modules

This impressive automatic self test module ensures that the battery voltage & light output can be monitored on every luminaire in the BLE range, plus it enables periodic testing. In the event of failure of lamp or battery voltage, a visual and audible alarm indication is given from the luminaire. The tests are programmed to automatically test the luminaire at intervals for preset test durations, in accordance with the latest European Standards. The main benefits are:

  • Automatic testing complies with European Standards
  • No manpower resource requirement for testing
  • Audible & visual status reported to service personnel on failed luminaires
  • Test button also allows manual test to be carried out
  • Fits into a wide range of luminaires
  • Complement BLE’s range of LED fittings

The module, when fitted to a luminaire, automatically tests the luminaire once a month by placing the battery on load for 10 minutes prior to monitoring the voltage level and tube light output levels. If either the lamp lumen output level or the battery voltage fails to meet the programmed threshold levels, then a combined audible/visual indication is given from the luminaire indicating the reason for the reported failure to local staff or service personnel.

In the event of a mains failure incident taking place during a test period, the luminaire will operate as a normal emergency luminaire. That specific test will be aborted until the next pre-programmed test set for the following month.

Key features of the BLE self-test modules:

  • Actual light output from the tube is monitored providing real emergency Lumen test data
  • Battery output measured throughout test period to ensure full duration check
  • Module aborts testing on luminaries that have failed to reach acceptable test levels
  • Audible and visual status reported to local staff or service personnel on failed luminaires
  • Manual test button facility allows manual testing of individual luminaires
  • Module suitable for both maintained and non-maintained luminaires
  • Module fits into a wide range of BLE luminaires

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